Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn

05 Jan

Having a well-maintained lawn can be very refreshing and add to the serene atmosphere of a home or commercial setting.   For the lawns to look good it needs regular maintenance by a skilled person.  To get professional assistance in lawn management it is wise to employ one of the Manhattan Kansas lawn service companies.

One of the services provided by Manhattan Kansas commercial landscaping is aeration of the Lawn. Aerating the lawns should be done during the autumn or spring when there is active growth of turf.   With core aerators a minimum of two and a maximum of four passes is sufficient.

 Many issues should be considered when aerating the lawn and not just the climatic condition.   The other instance when the lawn should be core aerated is when the soil is severely compacted.  Bare areas around the lawn should be overseeded at the same time as when it is undergoing core aeration.

 Irrigation is a core service provided by Manhattan KS lawn care service.   Lawns that are high yielding must always be irrigated however the turfs whose yield is average can be left to go dormant. The dormant plants can stay for up to three months on the ground awaiting the winter to start sprouting leaves.

 To get high-quality lawns mulching should be applied.  Mulching reduces amount of moisture lost from the soil. When organic material is applied as mulch it makes the soil to be more fertilized.  Well uniformed mulch significantly adds to the beauty of the lawn.

It is also vital to identify the time when the lawns require overseeding.  Overseeding in areas that are not necessary can cause the lawns to grow poorly.  The time when overseeding is necessary include periods of hot weather or areas in which the soil that is severely compacted.

 People living in Manhattan should contract the Manhattan KS service providers.  Services offered by the company is of high standards and they are proud when clients have lawns that are visually appealing.

Manhattan KS commercial landscaping have the best equipment for landscaping and caring for the lawn.  People can also benefit from installation of Manhattan KS sprinkler for irrigation of the plants. 

  Whenever a client needs repair on their Manhattan KS lawn sprinklers system or any form of routine maintenance they can simply contact the company.  Free estimates are offered by the company as well as having additional service without payment.  Customers can also benefit from getting services at the time which they feel is most appropriate.  To get in touch with the company you only need to visit their website.

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